Promptly attend customer complaints without apologies.

Build customer satisfaction and confidence through quick service turn around time.

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Introduction to Quick Care

Quick Care focuses sales, installation and maintenance sector companies, to efficiently coordinate the customers, office in-charge and servicing persons. By using this solution, many companies have multiplied the productivity, service turn around time and earned customer satisfaction. This in turn improved overall profitability and goodwill of the business.

  • Automatic reminder of free services.
  • Automatic reminder of AMC services.
  • Automatic task creation and allocate service persons.
  • Manage customer's location using Google Map.
  • Reconcile AMC and Servicing charges collected.
Projects Management


  • Efficiency
    • Service person efficiency analysis.
  • Analysis
    • Overall servicing analysis.
  • Communication
    • Driving the business by effectively communicating with service persons.
  • Remainder
    • Automatic service remainder.
  • Loyal Customers
    • Retaining existing customers
  • Profits
    • Improving business Profits and Goodwill.
Projects Management

Administrator Features

Projects Management

Overview of Operations

  • Service task
    • A Task is a Service that is to be completed.
  • Servicing person Task
    • A Task can be allocated to the Servicing person.
  • Chat message
    • A Task will be notified to staff via chat message.
  • servicing status
    • They can update the servicing status.
  • google map
    • They can update the google map.

Sales Transactions




Service Request


Work Allocation


Task Replies


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