The best all-in-one accounting and money management application.

Nowadays all of them needs to manage their money. Most of the people thinks, they can manage by hand or note down in somewhere. But the truth is it'll not help you at all the time. Why don't you have to use some financial tools. It'll reduce your time, it keeps your data at end of your lifetime, keeps accurate balance of money also you can get any data from any financial year.

Take a look of our tool, it'll fulfill your needs and easier to keep track of your money. It'll help you to identify where you're currently spending your money. Once you identify it you can easily save it from the unwanted expenses.


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Special Features

Accounts Knowledge

No Accounts Knowledge Required.

Depreciation Calculation

User can calculate and update the depreciation of purchased assets.

Support multiple accounts

User can maintain any number of persons accounts in single application.

day to day transaction

Easy to Maintain day to day transaction.


Variouse types of reports are available. Like Ledger Transactions, Final Accounts, Trial Balance etc..

Asset Maintanance

User can maintain the assets realted info separately. Our application allows user can maintain both purchase and sales related info in different screens.

day to day closing balance

Easy to track day to day closing balance.

Hide from Admin

Your data will very secure even though if the user have admin rights.

Support Asset Document Upload

User can upload the purchase related document to the application by single click. Also we can view/delete/download the uploaded document from application.


Each voucher entry screens contains the following features.

Entry screens for each voucher types:

Separate entry screens are available for the each voucher types (Payment, Receipt, Journal and Contra). So user can easily understand and feed the data.

Must cover all financial transactions

Our application cover all the basic financial transactions like accounting, budget and financial analysis, financial report and so on.

Less entry, more output

Our application requires less entry of data. It will fetch the required data from the connected accounts and based on that it will generate your reports.

Work Smarter

Nowadays all of us believe in working in a smarter way and not in a harder way for anything, then why to work hard when it is about your financial data. So just be smart and enter a few data in our software and let it work on your calculations for better output.

Search feature

John Doe

Search vouchers

User can easily search any vouchers from any financial year in single screen.
Josh Thompson


Variouse types of reports are available.
Mary Jane

Search Asset Document

User can eaily search any uploaded document from any financial year in single screen.

General Features

Year DB Management

User can create and maintain any number of Financial Year Databases.

Switch between financial years

User can easily switch between the financial years without logoff from application.

Most & Recently Used Screens

User can easily navigate between the screens by using Most & Recently Used Screens combo items.

Support Multiple Users

User can create and maintain any number of users for each companies.

Auto Duplicate Verification

Our application will notify matching character from the existing entry when user type in Input control.

Dot Matrix & Laser Printer

Now a days most of the application not support Dot matrix printer. Our application allows both Dot matrix & Laster Printer.

More Secured DB

Each Database files have password protection. So it's not possible to breake it.

Powerful Own Report Engine

The report engine is powerful than anyother. Specially made for to support Dot Mattix and Laser Printer.

Refresh Combo by single click

In entry screen the predefined master entries are loaded in combo box at the time screen opening. Our application allows user to reload the newly created master entries without closing the screen by single click.


User Friendly

It's very simple and reliable user interface, So anyone can understand and handle the application very easily.

Light weight DB

It's a very light weighted database so, it is easy to use and doesn't required more space in system.


Keyboard Shortcut

Most frequently used menus support keyboard shortcut. So user can easily open the any screens.

Backup & Restore

User can easily take the backup and restore the Database from the backup file by single click.


Data Import & Export

In case of any problem in the system or need to move the application from one system to another user can easily Import & export data

Auto Update

Our application supports automatic upgradation feature that requires no technical person to carry out the task. The end user can themselves upgrade very easily.


More Additional Features

Excel Export

User can easily export the report data as excel by single click.

Bulk Delete

User can delete Quotation related entries by choosing date range.

Default Groups & Ledgers

Most frequently used Account Groups and Ledgers are inbuild with application.

Listview Filter

Each entry screens there is an option to filter the records by single click.

Page Navigation

Each entry screens shows 100 records per page so user can easily identify the records.


Each entry screens have sorting option for all the columns.


User can edit and delete the each and every existing records by single click.

Copy Record

User can create the new record from existing record by clicking COPY button. It allows user can easily create the new records.

Error Free

100% error free application. Installed and verified in different places and different organization.




INR 2,999
  • Support Standalone only
  • Support Only one Client
  • SLA - Within 1 Week