Factory Automation ERP

This is a very successful Vanaspati manufacturing company, wanted to bring the entire operations of its organization from Purchase, Testing, Sales, Marketing, Stock Inventory, Attendance and Payroll etc. We automated all the processes and handed over it for their implementation. It has improved a lot of time and quality in many areas of their business. Running successfully.

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Sri Abirami Vanaspati Industries (P) Limited.

Recently we have finished implementation of ERP solution for a Vellakovil (Tamilnadu) based Vanasapati manufacturing company “Sri Abirami Vanaspati Industries (P) Ltd.” After the implementation of our ERP solution our client has expressed with gratitude that “Now we have complete control over the entire operations in our company.

Projects Management

Projects Features

  • Purchase of oils
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Force
  • Maintenance
  • HR & Payroll
  • Android app for Sales Force tracking

Each module is consisting of workflow control. For example, if the oil is received, an intimation will be sent to Purchase Manager and Quality control. Once the quality is determined, an intimation will be sent to Purchase manager to make decision whether to unload oil or not, or to create debit entry based on the quality parameters etc. Such work is available in each process of the above modules, to give complete control over the organization.

We have also implemented many solutions for hundreds of clients in India as well as abroad countries over past 25 years.

In case you need such tailormade solution with the help of latest technologies, we will be very much happy to extend our support to you.

Purchase of oils.

Efficient Procurement Management for Oil Manufacturers

Streamline your oil procurement processes with our Purchase of Oils module. From vendor management to cost analysis, our solution simplifies every step of the purchasing workflow. Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, optimize supplier relationships, and make informed decisions to ensure uninterrupted production.


Optimize Production with Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Experience unparalleled control over your manufacturing operations with our Manufacturing module. From raw material management to quality control, our solution empowers you to drive efficiency, minimize waste, and deliver high-quality oil products consistently. Maximize productivity and meet customer demands with ease.

Sales Order

Seamless Order Management for Oil Product Sales

Simplify order processing and enhance customer satisfaction with our Sales Order module. From order entry to fulfillment, our solution streamlines the entire sales cycle. Empower your sales team to create, track, and manage orders effortlessly, driving revenue growth and improving customer relationships.

Sales Force

Empower Your Sales Team with Cutting-Edge Sales Force Tools.

Equip your sales force with the tools they need to succeed with our Sales Force module. From lead generation to opportunity management, our solution enables your sales reps to stay organized, prioritize leads, and close deals effectively. Drive sales performance and achieve your revenue targets with confidence.


Optimize Asset Performance and Minimize Downtime

Ensure the reliability and efficiency of your equipment and facilities with our Maintenance module. From preventive maintenance scheduling to work order management, our solution helps you minimize downtime, prolong asset lifespan, and reduce maintenance costs. Keep your operations running smoothly and maximize uptime.

HR & Payroll

Streamline HR and Payroll Processes with Us

Take the complexity out of HR and payroll management with our HR & Payroll module. From employee data management to payroll processing, our solution simplifies every aspect of workforce management. Ensure compliance, improve employee satisfaction, and drive organizational success with our comprehensive HR solution

Android App for Sales Force Tracking

Stay Connected and Productive with Our Mobile Sales Force App

Empower your sales team to stay connected and productive on the go with our Android App for Sales Force Tracking. From real-time location tracking to task assignment, our app provides your sales reps with the tools they need to optimize their performance and drive sales success.