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Experts in delivering Successful Solution at Short Span of Time

What we Do

We are the experts in delivering the necessary successful solution delivery in a very short span of time and continue to grow it along with the company's growth.

Many Small, Medium and Large organisations need suitable software solution when the need arises and forces to implement it at the short span of time. Unfortunately many software solution which are available in the market either paid or open source will not suit exactly to fulfill the requirements.

What we do

Developing suitable applications at a very short span of time is not an easy task. Many times there won't be enough time to study the whole system requirements, the existing resources, suitable technology etc. Because each task needs suggestions from individuals who are experts in their field.

We are a team of people who are much experienced in the whole cycle of Software Solution development, hence we could able to deliver the solution at the given time period, once we commit it.

What we do

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Few of time bound projects completed are given below.


DTS Technologies Private Limited

To build a Hardware bundled solution for "Indian Space Research Organisation "ISRO" to test the transducers and reporting in the required formats. After trying with several giant IT companies at Chennai, we were assigned this task at the edge of delivery time. We delivered this solution at the given time frame and shown demonstration to the Scientist from ISRO and finally got it approved as successful project. Till Today it is working very fine.

Singapore Project

Singapore Government Projects

We have coordinated with Singapore based IT company M/s.Total eBiz Solutions Pte Ltd., to deliver many time bound solutions to Singapore Government and they all are successfully implemented on-time and running smoothly.

Singapore Project
Waste Management

Countrywide Waste Management Limited, UK

This is a very well established company in UK to collect the waste from private events to place the necessary dust bins and collect the waste after the event is completed. They wanted to migrate their existing solution to latest technologies within 6 month's period. We have taken up this task and successfully implemented the solution.

Team Engineers

Team Engineers, Hyderabad

This is a company producing telecom products and delivering to the remote places of the country. They wanted us to develop a software that could fetch the readings from such instruments and manage the billing preparation. After we made this software solution, they were able to sell their manufacturing equipments in several thousands to public sector company M/s. Bharat Sanjar Nigam Limited.

Team Engineers
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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Developing a centralized statewide server based collection system to collect their Mobile Invoice Payments from its clients and reporting at various level of officers to reconcile the payment collection vs. amount remitted to bank.

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Manju Groups Private Limited

A real estate company who wanted to implement a suitable solution to track all the call followups from different Lead Management Officers and produce reports for various levels of officers. This improved the company greatly to generate revenue to mult-crores per month.

We were assigned different phases of development at different time frame to implement various operations of this company and now this application is managing more than 200 of its employees to achieve the organizations goal effortlessly.

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Sri Abirami Vanaspati Industries (P) Limited

This is a very successful Vanaspati manufacturing company, wanted to bring the entire operations of its organization from Purchase, Testing, Sales, Marketing, Stock Inventory, Attendance and Payroll etc. We automated all the processes and handed over it for their implementation. It has improved a lot of time and quality in many areas of their business. Running successfully.

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Perumal Spinning Mills Private Limited

Needed a Payroll system that exactly suits their organisation to process the attendance of the employee and pay the weekly, monthly wages and produce necessary EPF & ESI related reports.

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AKR Express Parcel Services

A logistics company to book the parcels from consigners and deliver it to the consignees, manage stock at various stock yard and to attain success through great customer service.

Gokulraj Transports

A logistics company to completely automate their end to end process of Logistics and gain the satisfaction of their clients.

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Thiagarajar Polytechnic College

To implement their Multi Point Entry Credit System from receiving the application from the student, providing seat for the candidate, attendance management, Monday Test and Internal marks assessment, Fees collection, Nominal roll preparation, hall allocation, Examination, Marks entry and valuation, Results declaration, TC issue and Courese Completion Certificate issue.