Real Estate Management & Operating System (REMOS)

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Real Estate Management & Operating System (REMOS)

Real Estate business is really a great business, if we go along with the technology and the best customer services hand in hand. The youngsters who earns high are expecting new technologies in everything they do, real estate business is no different. If we don't provide the buyer with their needs satisfied, it is very difficult to grow in real estate business. Whereas those who implement proper MIS using modern day computing technologies will soon reach a new height in their business along with remarkable profit margins.

With this in mind, we worked for more than 3 years with Manju Foundations Private Limited, Chennai, who are one of the best real estate business provider in Tamilnadu, and created a high productivity solution called Real Estate Management & Operating System (REMOS). After the implementation of this solution, they are now able to manage multiple branches, hundres of work force, prospects and customers very easily. Their conversion ratio improved a lot after implementing this solution.

The following automation modules are available in this solution


  • Configuring different Projects.
  • Configuring different plots & their price structures.
  • Setup Payment Schedule for project.
  • Tracking booked and free plots.

Call Log

  • Recording call details along with Call Source, Project etc.
  • Automatic follow up calls.
  • Cross call alerts.
  • Client Place visits.
  • Importing Lead from external source, such as Facebook Marketing, Adwords etc.
  • Site Visit booking details.
  • Blocking Mobile numbers based on request.
  • Complaints registration.
  • Staffwise Performance analysis.
  • Teamwise Performance analysis.

Site Visit

  • Site Visit details with Visitors information.
  • Vehicle booking for pickup.
  • Postpone/Cancel Site Visit.
  • Site visit turn out ratio.


  • Booking.
  • Acknowledgement receipts.
  • Booking Cancellation.
  • Booking against another project.
  • Id proof, Photo uploads.
  • Approval of booking from different levels.
  • Booking Analysis reports.
  • Teamwise Booking Analysis reports.
  • Booking outstanding analysis.

Customer Relationship

Collection Management

  • Automatic demand raising.
  • Intimation to customers.
  • Followup reminders.
  • Collection.
  • Customer portal.
  • Customer accounts list.


  • Loan details collection.
  • Submitting bank details.
  • Waiting for the bank approval.
  • Proceeding with Loan closure process.
  • Signing Memorandum in the name of bank.


  • Registration initiation.
  • Registration clearance.
  • Date of registration fixing up.
  • Registration.
  • Collection of documents.
  • Handing over the documents.


  • Interview process.
  • Maintaining Staff particulars along with assetsREMOS assigned.
  • Attendance.
  • Leave Management.
  • Permission Management.
  • Salary Processing.
  • Salary Reports.
  • Centralized field staff tracking.

Field staff

Android Mobile App

  • Location Tracking.
  • Attendance.
  • Collection update.


  • Setting up Sales and Collection Target.
  • Announcements.
  • Reassign Calls, Collection Followups & Approvals.


  • Task creation with Category, Priority & Documents etc.
  • Staffwise Task Analysis.
  • Categorywise Task Analysis.
  • Maintenance of Task Document(Staffwise, File Typewise).


  • Workflow Process and Stage Configuration.
  • Workflow Initiation.
  • SMS Notification to involved staffs.
  • Workflow Summary Analysis.


  • Internal creation for Management level Daily Summary, Cross Call & Task Updation etc.
  • Instant Notification on the System.
  • Datewise List.

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Real Estate Management & Operating System


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