Collectiva Billing Software

Manage trading transactions for the Small / Medium business industries.

Collectiva Billing
Collectiva Billing

Collectiva Billing Introduction

Collectiva Business ERP is the application for managing trading transactions for the Small / Medium business industries. This software is developed under the guidance of India's leading Software Techinical Architect Mr.Dhakchina Moorthy, who have headed the successful development of many solutions for India's largest telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). He has handled very huge databases that handles billions of customers Call Detail Records (CDRs) and obtaining results in a fraction of seconds.

Right now this solution is being used by many companies successfully.

Billing Features

Trading Master
  • Godown
  • line
  • Costing
  • Product Master
  • Product Group
  • Product Bulk Edit
Trading Entries
  • Quotation Purchase
  • Quotation Purchase Return
  • Quotation Sales
  • Quotation Sales Return
  • Non-taxable Purchase
  • Non-taxable Purchase Return
  • Non-taxable Sales
  • Non-taxable Sales Return
  • Taxable Purchase
  • Taxable Purchase (Net Rate)
  • Taxable Purchase Return
  • Taxable Sales (Net Rate)
  • Taxable Sales Return
  • POS Purchase
  • POS Purchase Return
  • POS Sales
  • POS Sales Return
Trading Reports
  • Quotation Purchase Analysis
  • Quotation Purchase Return Analysis
  • Quotation Sales Analysis
  • Quotation Sales Return Analysis
  • Non-taxable Purchase Analysis
  • Non-taxable Purchase Return Analysis
  • Non-taxable Sales Analysis
  • Non-taxable Sales Return Analysis
  • Taxable Purchase Analysis
  • Taxable Purchase Return Analysis
  • Taxable Sales Analysis
  • Taxable Sales Return Analysis
  • POS Purchase Analysis
  • POS Purchase Return Analysis
  • POS Sales Analysis
  • POS Sales Return Analysis

Accounts Features

Accounts Master
  • A/C Ledger
  • Supplier
  • Customer
  • HSN/SAC Code
  • A/C Group
  • Unit
  • Unit Conversion
  • Country Master
  • State Master
Accounts Entries
  • Payment
  • Receipt
  • Contra
  • Journal
  • Depriciation
  • Opening Balance
  • Search Voucher
  • Credit Note
  • Debit Note
  • Petty Shop
Accounts Reports
  • Trail Balance
  • Final Accounts
  • Cash Bank Book
  • Day Book
  • Payment Analysis
  • Receipt Analysis
  • Journal Analysis

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User Features

User Friendly

User Friendly

  • No separate personnel required for data entry. It is such a very simple software anyone can easily learn and use.


  • High class support is available to solve any of your issues from remoting
  • Free Support
    • In case you need any minor changes, it will be done at free of cost.
  • Paid Support
    • In case of major requirements, it will be done at a smaller cost.
Projects Management


  • Uses the latest technologies and hence it will run without any issues for another 50 years.


  • Can be used in multi-user environment (if required) and no separate licenses necessary for individual users
Projects Management

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Support Data Migration

We can easily migrate the exisiting data


Support Barcode Generation

User can easily generate the barcodes based on the inputs.


Barcode Based Entry Screen

Barcode based Purchase, Purchase Return, Sales & Sales Return screens are available.


Quotation Related Entry Screens

Quotation related Purchase, Purchase Return, Sales & Sales Return screens are available.


Non-Taxable & Taxable

Non-Taxable & Taxable related Purchase, Purchase Return, Sales & Sales Return screens are available.



Various types of Reports available for Quotation, Taxable and Non-Taxable.


Physical & Systematic Stock

User can easily Maintain Physical & Systematic Stock.


Data Import

Our application allows user can easily import the Quotation related data into Non-Taxable.



Costing Options available for Rate Configuration.


Bill Format

Different Bill format based on the User configuration.


Round Off Total Amount

Auto Round Off Total Amount in entry screens based on the User Configuration.


Negative Stock

Allowing Negative Stock in entry screens based on the User Configuration.


Duplicate Items

Allowing Duplicate Items in entry screens based on the User Configuration.


Re-Order Level

Re-Order level intimation of products based on the user configuration.

General Features


User can create and maintain any number of Financial Year Databases.


User can easily switch between the financial years without logoff from application.


User can easily navigate between the screens by using Most & Recently Used Screens combo items.


User can create and maintain any number of users for each companies.


Our application will notify matching character from the existing entry when user type in Input control.


Now a days most of the application not support Dot matrix printer. Our application allows both Dot matrix & Laster Printer.


Each Database files have password protection. So it's not possible to breake it.


The report engine is powerful than anyother. Specially made for to support Dot Mattix and Laser Printer.


In entry screen the predefined master entries are loaded in combo box at the time screen opening. Our application allows user to reload the newly created master entries without closing the screen by single click.


It's very simple and reliable user interface, So anyone can understand and handle the application very easily.


It's a very light weighted database so, it is easy to use and doesn't required more space in system.


Most frequently used menus support keyboard shortcut. So user can easily open the any screens.


User can easily take the backup and restore the Database from the backup file by single click.


In case of any problem in the system or need to move the application from one system to another user can easily Import & export data.


Our application supports automatic upgradation feature that requires no technical person to carry out the task. The end user can themselves upgrade very easily.


More Additional Features

Excel Export

User can easily export the report data as excel by single click.

Bulk Delete

User can delete Quotation related entries by choosing date range.

Default Groups & Ledgers

Most frequently used Account Groups and Ledgers are inbuild with application.

Listview Filter

Each entry screens there is an option to filter the records by single click.

Page Navigation

Each entry screens shows 100 records per page so user can easily identify the records.


Each entry screens have sorting option for all the columns.


User can edit and delete the each and every existing records by single click.

Copy Record

User can create the new record from existing record by clicking COPY button. It allows user can easily create the new records.

Error Free

100% error free application. Installed and verified in different places and different organization.

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