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Outsourcing Services

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We provide more talented and experienced resources for the companies who are in need of engaging resources from outside. Our resources have always proved the successfulness of each and every project in which they engaged. All our client's feel very happy to utilize our resources because of all the benefits mentioned below.

Our Expertise

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Highly Experienced

We filter out highly talented developers by conducting online C Programming contest and then train them vigorously for about one year, by engaging them in the local project development. Hence, each and every resource we dedicate for our clients, are having high experience in meeting out the exact development requirements.

Best Turn Around Time

We understand the value of Time. We always stick on to the committed time to deliver the development requirements. From the first day onwards, we impart the training in such a way to be aware of the timeliness of each and every task completed by our resources.

Quality Assurance

Quality is our breath. We follow ISO standards to manage the quality of developments delivered by our resources. Since we insist on Test Driven Development, we always received good feedback from our clients.

Best Guidance

We not only provide the resources, we also guide our resources in case if they got struck up with. Our experienced project managers will guide the resources to finish the work on time.

Making the Client Happy Attitude

We teach our resources to be happy by making our clients happy. This attitude makes our resources to think in a different way to give at least 1% of improvement than the yesterday. We always have the clients feel very happy by committing less but delivering more.

Imparted Systematic Training

We take care of imparting regular trainings on the latest available technologies. We also make sure they are working on a Proof of Concept model for each and every task they are taking. We used to teach them how to think, analyze, filter the best solution and implement it at the shortest span of time.

Self Motivated Resources

Our resources are self managed engineers. Because we taught them in that way from the first day they enter into our company. Even if our client don't have any time to verify the works of our resources, we deliver the expected outcome ontime.

Better infrastructure

We have all the necessary infrastructure at our company to comfortably work with the client. Multiple broadband connections, High-end servers, MSDN Subscriptions, necessary Power Backups etc.

New Technologies

We always flexible to accept any new technologies or trend that emerge in the markets. This enables our clients to use the resource towards any kind of works that needs immediate attention.

Values for Customers


Our resources will always delivery Highly professional outcome. Our clients can easily able to modify or manage the projects develiered by our resources.

High client satisfaction

Our solutions provided ultimately to make the client's delight. Since each and every solution developed by us addresses every requirements of all departments, all stake holder of the company gets benefited out of it. Hence managing the stake holders and fulfilling their needs is very easy.


Our resources are highly talented but humble in nature. It is very easy to extract work from them. No need to follow them for the continuous work. They themselves behave responsively to meet out the deadlines.

Cost Effectiveness

We are glad to serve more than we are paid. We ensure the client's satisfaction for the solution they acquired and at the least feasible cost.


Each and every features are made to suit the exact requirements of the company. Which enables the end users to finish their work swift and simple to support for the company's improvement.

Security for Client Information

Our team preserves immense security to hold each and every information provided by the client.

Better Communication

Our resources are very good at English Communication and also understands from the other persons point of view. Hence communicating with our resources is like eating ice-cream cake.

Best solution & Quality

We train our resources for creativity and logical thinking through C Programming. Hence each and every solution or a line of code are highly optimized and works for any situations. Many times, our resources suggests best solution or the ideas to implement the solution.

Ease of Management

Exclusive solution comes with all the necessary tools to configure most of the features. This enables the administrator to configure the application based on the roles and the responsibility of individual users.

Return on Investment

Our applications provide a maximum return on investment in a short span of time frame. We assure our best services further.

After sales support

We provide enormous after sales support to ensure everything is functioning great and for the best return on investment for the companies. We address every small issues at free of cost and particularly on time.

Assurance of Success

We strive as a whole to make each and every task success. We never dissatisfied our clients.

Our Clients

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