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Enterprise Solutions

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We have huge experience in implementing suitable solutions for the large scale companies such as Telecom, Logistics, Spinning Mills, etc. We provide end to end solution, to exactly fit the needs of the company. Most of our solutions implemented are running without a single problem for the past 15 years. We are always leading in terms of technology so that any solution that we implement will sustain in the production for a longer period because of its reliability, stability and the responsiveness.

Most of our solutions not only provides comfortness for the working of the stake holders, but also provides return on investment when considering its short term & long term benefits.

Our Expertise

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Scientific Tools for System Analysis

We always follow scientific procedure to evaluate the current system, either it is manual or an existing software application, and come up with solid Software Requirements Specification document. Once it is thoroughly analyzed with the client and approved for the development, we go ahead for the improvement. This will skip lots of reworks that could be needed in case any discrepancy diagnosed at a later stage of software development life cycle.

Distributed computing (DCOM, Remoting, and WCF)

Many branches, many roles and responsibilities, different kinds of users and their rights are increasing nowadays. It is very important that the solution should be operable from intranet as well as internet. We use advanced technologies to provide best experience for the end user. Many users don't feel that they are working with a remote computer. We ensure such great performance for the end users.

Rapid Application Development

We tend to develop libraries even before developing the software solutions. Because creating a framework and following that strictly by each and every developer enables the solution to behave unique as well as without any errors. As these techniques results in developing the application at a rapid rate.

Quality Assurance

We strictly follow ISO standards, for the quality assurance of the product delivered. We manage the productivity of the individual engineer as well as their quality performance. Even if we are remunerated lesser than what it is worth for, we never compromise on the quality

Room for future development

Our technologies and solutions development will always support future developments. That's the key for our solution that remains in the production for a longer period. We use proved frameworks that accommodates future development. There won't be any need for migrating the entire application to the new technologies or to support new devices.

Flexibility for Improvements

No solution is perfect. Software solution development is a manifold exercise that needs lots of inputs from different end. Hence there are always a chance that either insufficient or the unforeseen causes for getting problems or improvements needed then and there. We always support our clients by providing our continuous support to improve the solution. We usually support a minimum of one year period to continuously update the solution to complete the one financial year cycle.

Proposing High End, Affordable solutions

Proposing a suitable solution is both critical as well as justifiable step in the enterprise solution development. Because there are a number of technologies out there in the market, it is vital to study the merits and demerits of each system and come for a conclusion. The proposed solution should be affordable as well as flexible for any change in the future. We invariably do this to our clients, that makes them contented.

Test Driven Approach

We used to develop the software solution using Test Driven Approach. This not only enable us to develop applications at a short span of time, but also helps us to develop the solutions with higher accuracy. It also enables us to make any changes in future and also to make sure everything works fine without any glitch.

Long lasting technologies

We always update ourselves to the latest technologies to enable our clients to get the best solutions they can, within the budget they are paying for. Since there is a rapid growth in the technologies in the market, choosing the right technology is the key for a long lasting solution.

Timely Delivery

We never compromise on Timely Delivery. We understand the importance of the time and its worth for the clients. Once we commit, we always fulfill our commitment.

Values for Customers

Cost Effectiveness

We always do more than what we are being paid. We make sure the client is getting happy for the solution they received and at the lowest possible price.

Return on Investment

Our applications provide a maximum return on investment in a short span of time frame. We assure our best services towards this.

Ease of Management

Each and every solution comes with all the necessary tools to configure most of the features. This enables the administrator to configure the application based on the roles and the responsibility of individual users.

After sales support

We provide great after sales support to ensure everything is working fine and for the best return on investment for the companies. We address small issues at free of cost and particularly on time.


Each and every features are made to suit exactly for the requirements of the company. This enables the end users to easily and quickly finish their work and support for the company's growth.

Security for Client Information

Our company maintains high security to keep each and every information received from the client.

High client satisfaction

Our solutions are ultimately to make their client's happiness. Since each and every solution developed by us addresses every requirements of all departments, all stake holder of the company gets benefitted out of it. Hence managing the stake holders and fulfilling their needs is very easy.

Our Clients

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