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Silver Trading

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Silver trading software caters to two major elements of every leading silver manufacturing companies.

Firstly making silver chains by giving work order to the silver chain making people. It involves issuing of the silver bars and receiving the chain items. Based on the purity received they will have to keep track of the silver weight issued and received.

Secondly, taking the items to the clients who are within state or outstate. This requires preparing the J Forms to carry along with the silver chains.

Apart from this job works, purchase of silvers, sales of silvers.

Importantly data security is a must for the silver manufacturers. Hence we've developed this application to run from a pen drive. Once you remove the pen drive from your computer, no data will be available to any unauthorized person. This makes the silver producers to easily start utilzing the computers for their productivity purposes.

Salient Features

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Centralised Server based application.

Static IP

With a Static IP, you can run the application from anywhere in the world.


Latest technology based software.

User Roles

Provision to create different Roles and assign the user rights.


100% error free application.

Our Clients

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