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Collectiva Management System (COLLECTIVA ERP)

Complete solution for all enterprises.

Introduction to COLLECTIVA ERP

COLLECTIVA ERP is aimed as a single point solution for Individual proprietors and SMEs that caters to the need of all the functions (or processes) of an organization. Whether a business is run by an Individual or a team of members or thousands of members as Enterprise, the successfulness depends upon the systematic way of handling the various process of the business and monitoring them.

There are various processes in a business that is quiet visible in nature such as purchase, sales, stock inventory transactions and various process that are invisible in nature but affects the successfulness of the business such as Quality, Employee skills and enthusiasm, marketing, customer and supplier outstanding, Tax payments, etc.

Hence it is essential to have a single point of affordable software solution that addresses all the necessary processes of the business. Our COLLECTIVA ERP is aiming to fulfill these requirements.

Our software development experience

Collectiva Knowledge academy , a sister concern of Soft Hands Software services.


COLLECTIVA ERP contains the following modules.

Collectiva Personal

Start to maintain your day to day history

GST Billing Package

Billing Application with GST

Auditor Office Automation

Task Management System

Salem Gold Finance

Finance Management System

Entry screen features

Each entry screens contains the following features.

Special features of COLLECTIVA ERP

Windows data entry and Web Reports

Our COLLECTIVA ERP is having windows based entry screens for data input and also utilizes the web reporting feature to access important reports from anywhere.

Transaction Enabled Save Feature

Our COLLECTIVA ERP is having windows based entry screens for data input and also utilizes the web reporting feature to access important reports from anywhere.

Auto update feature

Our COLLECTIVA ERP supports automatic upgradation feature that requires no technical person to carry out the task.

Load balancing with Multiple servers & multiple ports

Our distributed system supports load balancing feature that enables to handle any high volume of data and concurrent users.

Dedicated ports for specific modules

For highly active modules, we can dedicate separate server ports that will only allow the users of that module to operate on.

SQLite and SQL Server support

For small businesses there is no need of high end database engines. No need of buying separate database server licenses. In this case our system supports SQLite database to manage data.

Yearly data management

Our system takes care of maintaining yearly database and to migrate the relevant data from one year to another year without compromising data integrity and business processes.

Changing the working year facility

If the user wants to view the details of previous years, they can easily switch over the past year and view the reports.

Smooth data migration to support ongoing developments

Our system takes care of automatically migrating existing data to the new database structure very smoothly.


Standalone application

COLLECTIVA ERP can be installed in single machine as a standalone application. This mode of operation is highly fit for individual business people or a new Entrepreneur. This is most cost effective but has all the features that are needed for the successful execution of a business.

Distributed Application

As the business grows there is a need for managing different operations by different people. In this time, the standalone application can be extended to distributed application. This mode of operation allows the business to manage all the operations controlled by a central server. This enables the business owner to have complete control over the business and access to the data by the individual users.


Cloud Ready Application

In case if the business owner not having feasibility of maintaining own server due to space, power problem, Internet access etc. they can easily go for a cloud based server on a monthly rental basis. Cloud servers require no additional resources for maintaining the hardware and operations of the system. Hence the business person can concentrate easily on the business operations rather than systems and their periodic upgrades etc.

Module based pricing

For small companies it is not essential to implement a very big solution at the start of their computerization process. It will not only increase the cost of implementation but will also have some implementation difficulties. But at the same time, they will also need to enhance its computerization at a later phase. Our system supports simple licensing policy based on the modules installed and based on the type of installation such as standalone or distributed or cloud hosted.

As and when they are comfortable to enhance their system, they can adopt new modules.


Support for high volume of users

While the business grows, it is highly essential to increase its support system to serve its customers better. Sometimes a business establishes many counters or branches with multiple users. Our system is designed to enhance to any number of users and their concurrent operations without any performance degrade.

Customizable users and their rights

Our system supports creating different roles with different access rights. This ensures high level of data security and smooth operation of the business.

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