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We have vast Experience with India's largest telecom Companies

We have vast experience with solutions providing to India's largest telecom company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, in association with Nokia India Private Limited, Sony Ericssion and Motorola Corporations.

Our solutions cater to millions of end users and served with huge database transactions of 3 billion records per day. Each and every solutions provided by us helped the telecom company to boost its performance, maintainance and best service to their clients.

Our Solutions

SMSC Information System

Keeping track of the SMS usage particulars in order to verify the bills from the Service providers.


Postpaid Mobile bill collection and analysis of Collection reports.etc

InMarSat VPT Billing

Preparation of billing from the input files generated by VSNL for all the calls made by the InMARSAT VPT subscribers.etc


This is an opt solution for tracing the call details of the subscriber. This solution is highly useful to provide upto date call details of a given subscriber to the Security Agencies. This software stores the processed call details to the database for the administration enquiry etc.

Order Management

Order and Management operations Automation GUI to automate simple tasks at an efficient way.


PNokia MSC & Prepaid Call Detail Record (CDR) processing and analysis.


Tracing for the Internet Usage to identify the usage particulars of a subscriber or to identify the Mobile number from a Public IP. etc.


Send Bulk SMS to the subscribers of any choice. The numbers may be stored in multiple files. Provision to queue the files, so that all the files will be processed and the message will be sent to all the subscribers.


TAPAS was exclusively developed for BSNL District head quarters for managing Assets reports for the auditing purpose. It gives control over the expenditure to the management. It comprises Purchase, Maintenance Expenditure Modules. Finally it calculates depreciation on purchased assets and submits the Depreciated Audit reports for Balance sheet preparation.

Our Clients

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