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Embedded Development

We got a great chance to work for a solution that was offered for ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). The solution aimed at preparing a unique computer that is deviced specifically to meet out a particular need. We developed solution that is to be integrated with the OS and will function to continuously test and monitor the Transducers that are going to fit in the Space Ships.

We have implemented to read and monitor the readings from different transducers to read temporature, frequency etc. and provide necessary reports to take timely decisions.


We've worked for developing solution for Third Party Administrators (TPA), to manage the mediclaim policies, diseases, treatments, approvals etc.

Our solution meets out the needs of the Insurance Companies, TPA, Hospitals, Policy Holders, IRDA, WHO in various levels. This solution comprises of intranet operation by different branches and internet operations by the Insurance companies, Hospitals, Policy Holders etc.


We've provided complete end to end solution for the Logistics company to begin from the booking of GCN to delivery to the customer and then collecting outstandings for the To Pay bookings.

Many branches, bookings, GDM preparation, Transhipment, Godown, Local Delivery, Vehicle Maintenance and Goods tracking are all covered and the logistics companies that uses our solution have got a lot of happy customers & great reputation.


Healthcare is the rapidly growing industry. Different concepts, ideas and technologies are taking this field to the new height.

We have involved in developing a solution that gathers all the Hospitals and Doctors particulars and enables the patient to easily locate for the particular doctor and get the online appointment. This solution also takes care about hospital's Job recruitments.

Thousands of patients are benefitted out of this solution.


We have developed many eCommerce solutions to our clients worldwide. eCommerce is going to be the furture market wherein the people are buying most of their electronic goods online. Show casing the products, enabling the users to search for the required products, browse particular category, shopping cart, online payment, sales tracking, sales analyais are few of the features in eCommerce application we involved in.


Advertising Agency is a big industry wherein each agency is having tie-up with many Advertising media, such as News papers, TV and FM radio. Managing the solution for them is a critical thing. Because each media is having their own tariff, and offers. Similarly the advertising clients are utilising the media based on the offers or based on the seasons.

Managing the display of ads, outstanding and collections are tedious job for the agencies. We've automated the entire process with the help of our solution.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a vast and evergreen field in the industry. Each Civil Engineer needs a provision to estimate the cost of the given construction plan. We have devised a solution that enables the Civil Engineers to easily prepare the estimations based on the several factors that affects the estimation.

Also managing the construction activity is a huge task, because of managing the man, machine and material. Making weekly payments, outstanding clearance for the supplier, and collecting the payments from the owners. Our solution helped the Engineers to monitor the construction activity without moving to the different physical site locations. Managing multi crore project have become very easy now with the help of our solutions.


Education industry is evergrowing industry. Now each and every Educational institution concentrates on building multi educational activities such as Schools, Polytechnics, Engineering colleges and Arts & Science Colleges. Managing all the students, fees collection, attendance, nominal roll, payroll, conducting examinations, announcing results are some of the important activities.

We've delivered solutions that addresses all of the above activities of the educational institutions.

Share Market

Share Trading is a most wanted business in India and all over the world. Many successful people follow a different methodology of analyzing the data in order to make a perfect purchase and selling of shares. This is the key which enables one to earn profit from Share Trading Business.

Our Clients

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